AO: Wreck Center

When: 02/24/2023


Number of Pax: 16

Pax Names: Alliance, Bronco, Cutter, Debs, Dos, HoJo, Lord of the Dance, Meatloaf, Pebbles, Public Access, Rossy, Styrofoam, Troll, Truckin, Uno, Yadi,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Rossy

The BackBlast:

Weather: sunny, brisk, about 18 degrees

Warmup: Motivators from 6, High knees (15), Windmills (10), Daisy pickers (10), Old man stretch, Rossy (groin) stretch,
Calf stretch

Workout: 16 PAX ran from WreckCenter to Monkey Island. PAX were to run from Harvey along the south end of Monkey Island and head east on Randolph to Austin, head back to the starting location. Upon completion of each lap, PAX are to complete one of the following exercises beginning with walk-outs
O = 15 walk-Outs
B = 15 burpees
A = alligator merkins
After the alligator merkins, next up was 20 monkey humpers then mosey back to WreckCenter. Back at WreckCenter, 4 minutes of Mary. 2.95 total miles

Announcements: two fellowship lunch options today, one at Jerusalem Cafe in OP the other downtown. Chili competition at Sheriff’s on Saturday night. 3rd F opportunity on Friday, March 3rd. Polar plunge on Sunday, March 5th. Beer ruck on Saturday March 11.

COT: last week my family had a tough week which culminating in a lot of frustration Thursday night. In the heat of the moment, it can be easy to say things that you regret or not handle it with the calmness you’d aspire for. My wife had a planned getaway on Friday which afforded us some space to reconnect on Saturday and talk through the issues. It served as a reminder that sometimes we need space. We need to walkaway to resolve issues in a clearheaded manner.

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