AO: City Limits

When: 02/01/2021


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Alliance, Bronco, Cutter, Fogger, Footloose, Kipling, Kodak, Madoff, RA,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Linus

The BackBlast:

32 degrees (Real Feel 17) and cloudy

Depending on where you went, you were sitting on about 6″ – 16″ of snow. Two PAX were temporarily stuck in snow with other PAX assisting them. For the rest, it broke down like this:


  • 10 Side Straddle Hops (4ct)
  • 20 Abe Vigodas (10F/10B; 4 ct)
  • 10 Imperial Walkers


Partner up with the starting point being the gate. PAX 1 runs toward trail head toward football field. While PAX 1 runs toward trail head, PAX 2 performs 3 push-ups. Upon completion of push-ups, PAX 2  gets up, yells his partner’s name , and runs toward his partner and hopefully passes him. When PAX 1 hears his name, he drops and completes 3 push-ups. Continue until at trail head where all PAX to wait in plank position until all PAX are accounted for.


  • ROUND 1: 2 laps around the two back buildings followed by 50 hand release push-ups, 40 squats, 30 spiderman planks, 20 sit-ups, and 10 burpees.
  • ROUND 2: 2 laps followed by 40-30-20-10-10 of the same exercises.
  • ROUND 3: 1 lap followed by 30-20-10-10-10 of the same exercises.

**if completed but other PAX were still working, winners were rewarded with 1 lap and a mini BOMBS**


As Rx, Round 1 was supposed to be 3 laps but was reduced to 2 laps. The mitigating factor was the snow which, at times, was knee deep.


Closing Thoughts: I had a week were I needed to adapt. I needed to reconfigure the original plan and regularly on the spot. My attitude was less than pleasant, and I realized it was a new short sight for me. I opted to use a number of work outs to develop this workout (shout out to Kodak, Foot Loose, and some CrossFit WODs known as “The Girls” and one called “Hawk”). I intentionall didn’t check the run route with the understanding that it was remote and likely not plowed/cleared. It forced me to possibly shift the plan, and shift I did. Proud of the PAX who played in the snow. Proud of those who ran with me as we bounded through snow, and rolled around in it.

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