Fitness Center Satellite Stations


When: 05/10/2024


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Padawan

The BackBlast:

Conditions: upper 50’s and clear.

Pax in attendance: Padawan, Restore, Bergundy, Scrooge, Kipling, Tron, Shiplap, Cheat Code, Munger, Brick, Don Jr., Fogger, Sheriff, Lord of the Dance

Warmup: Motivators (from 5), Arm Circles (small – 10, big – 10), Daisy Pickers (15), Neck rolls, Imperial Walkers (15), Windshield Wipers (15)

Mosey and back to Fitness Court for Thing 1 (split into 2 teams)


Team 1: pull up or rings (10)

Team 2: regular merkins (20), Switch

Group exercise: the Frilled Lizard: one leg reverse lunge, then opposite leg back 120 degrees diagonal and squat (10 each leg)


Team 1: pull up or rings (8), up and then down slowly with a 5-count

Team 2: merkins (16), up and then down slowly with a 5-count, Switch

Group workout: failure to launch (5-count squat, then jump) — 10

ISOMETRIC EXERCISES (put something on ice – hold)

Team 1: pull up or rings and hang at the top (with your elbows bent) for 30 seconds

Team 2: merkin and hang 1-inch off the ground for 30 seconds, Switch

Group exercise: Mountain Climbers (20)

Mosey to East Fitness Stations for Thing 2

ACTIVE MOVEMENT (southeast station)

Jump to target (single leg) (right, up, left, down) (30 seconds), switch legs [modify: alternating inside heel taps]

Jump to target (2 legs) (right foot down, left foot left, up, down) (30 seconds), switch legs [modify: reverse lunges]

Stretch of your choice (use equipment at the station)

SQUATS/DIPS (east station)

Stations: Toe Taps (25 – this count dictates the switch), squat to v-sit or dips, triceps push-up (narrow grip), T-push up (high bar); T-push up (low bar)

Other team: burpees or supermen

PULLING/BACK (northeast station)

Stations: Single bar horizontal pull-up (1 PAX) – 15(this count dictates the switch), chin ups or hangs [variation, squats] (2 PAX), inside knee to elbow tuck (1 PAX), pointer dog, elbow/knee tuck (1 PAX), high bar hurdle dips knee up (the knee closest to the bar) (1 PAX), low bar forward or side walk over (1 PAX)

Other team: SSH’s

Mosey back to Fitness Court for Mary: American Hammers (20), Swipers (20), Adam Wests (20), Big Boys with cross punches (10)

COT: Both my wife and I are doing 75 soft (including exercising 45 minutes 6 days a week), so now she’s exercising in the mornings too, and we decided to exercise together on the weekends. Unfortunately, this meant giving up some of my morning workouts, like my Saturday at the Wreck Center and coffee. But I’m really enjoying the active, family time (for example, we all walked to crepe place on Marion/Lake on Saturday morning and did an Apple Fitness dance workout together in my garage on Sunday morning). Getting fit is a gift not just for yourself or for your fellow PAX, but it’s something you can share with your wife and kids too. So now that the weather is getting better, get out there and enjoy the spring and summer with your family!


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