F3 LG 1-Year Anniversary

AO: The Main Event

When: 09/23/2021


Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names: Barbara, Beaker, Bronco, BROTHER BLUTO, Cutter, Denari, Mayhem, My Buddy, Redick, Slick Back, Sloan, Smails, Stateville, Terps, Undercover Brother,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Denari

The BackBlast:

Big celebration for F3 LaGrange with the 1-Year Anniversary!


Nant’an, Denari, took the Q and led 15 pax through a typical Denari -style beatdown.  Nothing too formal or ceremonial about this, which is just the way the LG pax like it at The Main Event.

Warm Up:

  1. Motivators down from 11
  2. Don Quixote
  3. Moon Man
  4. JP Squats (ass2grass > 2sec hold on calf raise at the top)

Thang 1: Dips n Stuff

  1. Dips! > Bulgarian Split Squat
  2. Dips! > Pistol Squat
  3. Dips! > Bulgarian Split Squat

Thang 2: Stare n Hold

  1. Pax split into two teams. One at a time, pax from each team sprint stairs of amphitheater, back down to start, then assume high plank position.  Teammates that are not running hold high plank.  Each pax takes a turn.

Thang 3: It Pays to be a Winner!

  1. Same teams. One pax from each team line up and race a jingle/jangle.  Loser earns 3 burpees.  Teammates that are not running hold high plank.  For round 2, earned burpees increased to 5 and pax not running performed LBCs.

Thang 4: Doorsday Clock

  1. Sloan put on an excellent effort to win
  2. Flutter Kicks

COT – pax gave a solid applause after Name-O-Rama.  The pax of LG are a low key bunch.  No one likes pressure to HC or overly hype events.  Pax show up when/if they want.  Our 1-year anniversary is no exception.  Minimal planning/hype/chatter was put in.  It wasn’t coupled with a 2nd or 3rd F.  There wasn’t any food/beer incentive to show up.  Yet, 15 guys posted (and 5 of the “regulars” couldn’t make it).  June 4 was the last time we had 15+ pax.  We had 2 guys come out from Oak Park.  We had 2 guys that haven’t been regularly seen as of late.  Heck, one of our guys dropped off a box of Italian tomatoes from the home garden!  Okay, yeah, no FNGs earned a name this morning.  But 15 men stood shoulder-to-shoulder and recognized their accomplishments over the last 12 months.  And you can feel it.  Name-O-Rama rang a little different this morning.  Several “knowing nods” and “fist bumps” were going around.  The reason LG (or any new region/AO) makes it long enough to celebrate their first anniversary is because of the group.  It’s the Glue.  And it’s formed strong bonds in LaGrange.

Congratulations, men of F3 LaGrange.  The first one’s the hardest…


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