AO: Saturday Morning Cartoons

When: 04/16/2022


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Borland, Cheddar, Combine, Escobar, Eskimo, Lady Bug,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Combine

The BackBlast:

6 Pax and 6 2.0s came out for an eggstravaganza. It was cold but hopes of sugar and coffee kept the 2.0s and 1.0s warm enough.

Combine was joined by his 2.0 Lightning on the co-Q. This was Lightning’s idea and started with an egg hunt for the 2.0s. Each egg had an eggsercise that required completion by the entire group before moving on to the next. 2.0s were only required to do half the reps. We cycled through nearly 20 including:

Bear crawls/crawl bears, a lap around the pond, 50 star jumps, plank holds (3 mins total), 50 flutter kicks, 30 IC LBCs, chair hold (1 min), 40 plank jacks, karakokes out and back, THUNDER (squat jumps every time the word “thunder” is said during Imagine Dragons’ “Thunder”), 30 merkins, 30 burpees, 1.0s vs. 2.0s sprints out with reverse sprint back (1.0s barely won), 10 patty-cake merkins, 50 squats, 30 step ups, and 10 dips.

It was a great way to kickoff a holiday weekend. Tclaps to the 2.0s for putting in 50 minutes of work. Also couldn’t be prouder of the work put in by Lightning to see his idea through to reality. Donuts, coffee, eggs filled with actual candy, and even chocolate bunnies courtesy of Eskimo followed.

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