AO: Eagles Landing

When: 07/08/2022


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Alliance, Duck Snort, Giuliani, Hackey Sack, Madoff, McFeely, Meatloaf, Silver Spoon,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Silver Spoon

The BackBlast:

F3 Eagle’s Landing, disclaimer and intro.


  • SSH X 25
  • Little Baby Arm Circles F / B X 15
  • Imperial Walkers X 20
  • Don Quixote x 15
  • Monkey Humpers x 15
  • Daisy Pickers X 15



  • Group Run Mile 1 Together    Stop @ Carroll Park         Lunges x 25
  • Rabbits went W to Maple then over to Harrison            Overhead Claps x 25
  • Rabbits went a few more blocks N & E, then to Rehm  V-Ups x25 for all
  • Group then headed E on Garfield back to start               Eleven Burpees


  • Merkins x 15 IC
  • Plank Shoulder Taps x 15 IC
  • Flutter Kicks x 15 IC
  • Scissors x 15 IC

Count O’Rama & CoT

You likely noticed a theme today, LOVE. As it was a heartbreaking Fourth of July for our brothers & sisters in Highland Park with yet another senseless act of violence, this time very close to home. YHC was reflecting on what would cause an individual to do such a heinous act of violence against innocent people. Certainly, without sympathizing with the murderer…just believe we need to seek better ways to stay connected. YHC just encourages us to look for opportunities to love one another as the Sky Q has loved us and challenges us to seek those who might need our help.

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