AO: Donut Shop

When: 02/01/2023


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Bergundy, Cadaver, Giuliani, Kipling, Kodak, McFeely, Puck, Sir Topham,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Cadaver

The BackBlast:

12 degrees F, clear skies, no wind.

Warm-o-rama: Motivators from 6, Mtn man poopers X 12, Abe Vigodas X 12, Seal Claps X 12, Mosey and shuffle around the AO.

Thing 1: Relay, in teams of 2, 1 PAX down, 1 PAX doing a lap around the AO. Lap 1: Down – man makers, Runner – Rifle carry the coupon, Lap 2: Down – absolutions, Runner – carry both coupons, Lap 3: Down – Block squats, runner-farmer carry, Lap 4: down – blockies, runner 1 coupon.

Thing 2 : On the move with the coupons, two block circuit around the AO.

Mary included box cutters in cadence, flutter kicks in cadence, and American hammers in cadence.

COT Discussed the origins of the word February in Februa, a Roman purification feast and how now is a great time to take a look at your life and make sure you’re on track with where you want to be for the year, if not maybe its a good time to purify those things out that are holding you back.

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