AO: The Crown

When: 08/28/2021


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Bob the Builder, Borland, Cheddar, CR7, Eskimo, Lady Bug, Voodoo, Wuhrlitzer,

Number of FNGS: 4

FNG Names: Bob the Builder, CR7, Costello, BillyGoat

QIC: Ladybug

The BackBlast:

Another Saturday OTB in the books, this is officially a new workout option for Etown.  YHC had the Q.


Warmups – SSHs, Imperial Walkers & Grass Pickers.  100-yd run & back.  Karaoke’s, butt-kickers & high knees out to the 50 yd line.  Mosey to wall.


Wall – worked three exicons.  Merkins, step-ups & dealer’s choice on abs.  60 count of ea.  Mosey back to field for ROF.


Borrowing my main man, Rancid’s fresh idea from the Goat Rodeo, we ran thru his Ring of Fire.  8 different exercises (merkins, squats, Bobby Hurleys, lunges, plank, lunges, mtn climbers & equators) with the last man running.  Once you circled the soccer goal on the other end of the field, you move to the next station.  Almost made two full revolutions before calling endex to allow for the “game” of ultimate.


Game of ultimate frisbee was played, our frisbee was a 10-lb weighted ball.  My team got smoked & smoked by Borland’s squad of quick-hitting skakers and bakers.  We’ll bring the game back again, this is a great way to end a workout.  Throw a little competition in the mix and have some fun getting after it.


COT – named 4 FNGs.


Love seeing the 2.0s out for some fun time with dad, seems like the Saturday thing is working out well.  We’ll keep it around, just gotta come up with a fresh nickname for this workout.  Explained to the FNGs about our WHYs and asked each PAX to think about his WHY over the next couple of weeks.  I know my why, it’s this group of HIMs that I get to be around several times a week.  It re-charges my soul each and every time.  Keeps me moving forward.

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