Cutter’s Crucible

AO: City Limits

When: 06/13/2022


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Alliance, Bronco, Cutter, Duck Snort, Footloose, Hormel, Kodak, McFeely, Pebbles, Sir Topham, Snork, TotalRecall,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Cutter

The BackBlast:

With temps in the 60’s, conditions were ideal for getting after it. Joined by 11 strong pax, we wasted little time launching into a nonstop beatdown fueled by a punk playlist that kept us moving.


  1. Positive Jam – Plank Variations. Left side. Right side. Center. ~60 sec each.
  2. Swish – Mosey to field + Burpees OYO. Set of 10. Set of 5. Set of 10.
  3. Working Full Time –  Hold plank with sets of exercises. Mountain Climbers x20 + Plank Jacks x20 + Drunken Mountain Climbers x20 + Plank Jacks x20
  4. Little Dawn – Squats x20 + Merkins x20 + Bobby Hurleys x20 + Widearms x20 + Squats x20 + Merkins x20.
  5. Truth Hits Everybody – Sprint Out + Bear Crawl Back (10 yards, 20, yards, 30 yards).
  6. Like a Song – American Hammer x20 + Flutters x20 + Thrusters (R-L) x20 + American Hammer x20 + Flutters x20.
  7. Steal This Sound – Burpees x5 + Turkish Getups x5 (repeat x3 of each).
  8. No Sleeves – Partner up. 15 yard sprint while partner does 3 merkins, then planks. Keep switching off for entirety of song.
  9. I.O.U.  Sprint 15 + Burpee Broad jump back to goal line. 4 sets.
  10. A More Perfect Union – Native Run around the pond and back to the lot.

Announcements – Fellowship Dinner 6/22 at Taco Mucho. Evanston Nantan Transfer 6/24. Nighttime Ruck 7/15 along DesPlaines River with afterparty at Silver Spoon’s.

CoT – Gratitude to all the fellas for showing up. Having been in a funk lately, this one was a bit of a slump buster. Sometimes the best way through tough times is to simply put in the work and push on through. Hoping everyone left stronger than they came. Have a great week.

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