Curls for Gurls

AO: The Main Event

When: 02/02/2021


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Beaker, Bodie, Grace, Hungry Caterpillar, Mr. Burns, My Buddy, Sloan, Smails, Terps,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Kreese, Shake and Bake (Not an FNG)

QIC: MyBuddy

The BackBlast:

11 HIM made it out for the Tuesday “MyBuddy” bicep-building, coupon-using beatdown at THE MAIN EVENT (Memorial Park in La Grange Park).  This included our new FNG, “Kreese” – who is a 5th degree (I think) black belt martial arts instructor, EH’ed by @Grace.

Conditions:  HOTTTT (25 degrees) with snow and ice everywhere!

Warm-up:  Motivators (5), Windmills/Abe Vigodas, Arm Circles, more Motivators (5)


  • Curls (10x)
  • Exercise (10x)*
  • Curls (20x)
  • Exercise (20x)*
  • Curls (30x)
  • Exercise (30x)*

Run a lap (down and back ~ 300-400 yards), sprinting at least half of the lap, jogging the remaining half

Repeat with Exercise 2-5 — again, with Curls included in rotating fashion with variable exercise in between.


  1. Diamond Merkins
  2. Body Weight Squats
  3. Bench Press
  4. Big Boy Sit-Ups
  5. Overhead Press


  •  300x Curls
  • 60x Diamond Merkins
  • 60x BW Squats
  • 60x Bench Press
  • 60x BBS
  • 60x Overhead Press
  • ~1.5 Miles run/job



Follow-up to @Sloan and @Denari previous COTs to share my “Word of 2021” — “ACTION”.   While I seem to always have good intent to do/accomplish something, I am very good at “putting it off until tomorrow…or next week…month…etc.”.  Holding myself, and each other, accountable, I plan to keep the word “action” top of mind as a reminder to not wait and to take action while I think about whatever it is I’m intending to do (family, personal, work).  @Sloan reminded us of tbe QSource term for this as “manana is a crackpipe”.


Patriot Challenge:  F3 La Grange has a team — JOIN US!  SHARE!  DONATE!


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