Climbing Everest

AO: Wreck Center

When: 04/03/2021


Number of Pax: 3

Pax Names: Footloose, Kodak, LED,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Footloose

The BackBlast:

Climbing Everest:


PAX: Kodak, LED, and Footloose (QIC).


  1. Abe Vagoda F/B
  2. Seal Claps
  3. Daisy Cutters
  4. Half Jack (L)
  5. Half Jack (R)
  6. SSH

Dynamic Stretch:

High Knees/ Butt Kicks

Power Skips/ Striders

Shuffle face North

Karaoke face North

Back pedal/ Sprints

Quick Bench workout-

20 Right leg step up

20 Left leg step up

10 OYO plyo-jumps

Fellowship run around Ridgeland Commons to OPRFHS Parking Garage.

The Thang:

Start at bottom of parking garage.. Climb Everest: STAY TOGETHER slow lunges up every ramp. At each platform (4 total) we will shake it out and do some upper body exercise to give more leg rest time..

  1. Balls to the wall- 10
  2. Sphinx Merkin- 10
  3. Wide Merkin- 10
  4. High Knee and Butt Kicker in cadence

When we reach the top we all celebrate with 40 Bobby Hurleys!!!

Can we climb (Lunge walk) to the top of Everest without stopping (outside of the landing milestone workout)?!?!


Fellowship Run around Cheney Mansion

Windmill Finish


This Everest Challenge has been on my mind for quite some time. I have been really curious how lunges from bottom to top of parking structure would go for me. After completing, I realized something. I would NEVER have taken on this particular challenge on my own. With a bunch of motivated guys, that’s another story. It’s funny how our peers influence and motivate us. This encapsulates what F3 does for all of us. It gives us all a pathway to become stronger and better people. We all push each other in directions we would never go solo.

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