AO: The Green Room

When: 08/16/2022


Number of Pax: 3

Pax Names: Sarge, Sumo,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Sumo

The BackBlast:

Another magnificent day. What else can you say? It’s the last throws of summer. The weather impeccable. No wind, clear skies, brilliant sunrise. If all of that isn’t a gift I don’t know what is. To top it off, we had three PAX today: YHC, Sarge and, rolling in late from Houston, Trojan. I’d have given him grief but he’s DR and definitely added to the group so he got a one time sympathy pass.


We kept it simple this morning with Arm Circles IC x 25, Circle Arms IC x 25 and Willie Mays Hayes IC x 10. Oh… and 25 burpees for good measure. From there it was off to the playground for some serious card action.

The Thang

As with my last Q, YHC wasn’t feeling particularly creative. Depending on how many PAX showed up it was going to either be a burp back mountain adventure or a playground adventure. Having only 3 total, it became a playground adventure. But I promise we’ll be making it back to that hill.

We moseyed over to the playground to begin the torture. It was simple really. We had a deck of Q cards so each PAX picked one card at random and we performed that exercise. QIC was allowed to alter the deal and that did happen with the low numbers but the goal was to get through as many cards as possible. We then based our extra credit at the end on the number of cards we got through.

To make this adventure more fun, a resident was in the playground with her dog running loose. It was a wonderfully playful mutt that just loved mixing himself into our workouts. To be honest it was such a wonderful addition to the beatdown. That dog ran between the three of us like we were his long lost best friends.

In order, here are the exercises we performed (OYO) based on the cards pulled:

  1. 25 squats
  2. 25 burpees
  3. 100 arm circles
  4. 25 diamond merkins
  5. 9 ranger merkins
  6. 25 smurf jacks
  7. 13 Chuck Norris Merkins (it was a 3 so Q added 10)
  8. 7 derkins
  9. 2x lap around the inside perimeter of the playground. The dog LOVED this one.
  10. 30x high, slow flutter kick
  11. 25 mountain climbers
  12. 8 backward lunges
  13. 90 second high plank
  14. 25 dips
  15. 40 heels to heaven

Having made it through 15 cards, our extra credit was 15×2 = 30 swing rows OYO.

By now we were pooped and with about 12 minutes left, just enough time to head back to the AO and get ready for Mary.


We kept this simple as well: Zombie Crunch x 15 IC from Sumo, Hello Dolly x 15 IC from Sarge, Flutter kick x 50 (!!) IC from Trojan, box cutters x 15 IC from Sumo and finally American Hammers x 15 IC.

And that was the beatdown.


We kept the convo short and focused. Sometimes we just need to be there for the others around us. Today, I really needed the guys that were around me. I’m personally dealing with some heavy stuff and these two HIMs were exactly the people I needed my day to start with. Gratitude is immense some days. Today it was overwhelming.

Aye – Sumo

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