Cards Against PAX, Zoo Crew Edition

AO: Zoo Crew

When: 08/13/2022


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Chick, Dante, FIFO, Peaches, Sand Man, Sumo,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Sumo

The BackBlast:

What a magnificent day. The sun was shining, the breeze crisp and cool and it was time to make things happen.


We did Global Warming with the following exercises:

  • Arm Circles IC x 15
  • Circle Arms IC x 15
  • Abe Vigoda IC x 15


The Thang was at the basketball court so we needed to mosey. But this was no ordinary mosey. We did Good Morning Burpees en route to the court. In total we got 55 burpees in so not a bad start to the beatdown.

The Thang

It’s time for Cards against PAX. Someone was shooting hoops on one side. Yes, we tried to EH them but it didn’t work. That’s fine though. Next time… So we used half the court for what we needed. This was a variation on the Bear Crawl 1-2-3. What we did instead was to pair up (it worked out with 3 pairs of 2). From each pair, one PAX performed a suicide. The other did an exercise. The exercises were chosen randomly by the PAX from the deck of cards. In total, we did three rounds:

Round 1: Jump Lunge (Bonnie Blair) x 100, Dips x 200 and Flutter Kick x 300

Round 2: Smurf Jack x 100, Monkey Humper x 200 and American Hammer x 300. In this round, PAX performed bear crawl instead of suicides.

Round 3: Hand Clap Merkin x 100, High Knees x 200 and Butt Kicks x 300

At this point, everyone was toast and with about 15 minutes left it was time to head back to the AO for our round of Mary.


We did a quick/intense round of Mary consisting of box cutter IC x 15, zombie crunch IC x 15 and American Hammer IC x 10.


It’s important to not let the people that cannot see our value pull us down. All too frequently, these negative voices creep in and yank us away from the good people we know we are. Stay focused, stay buoyed, reach out when you need help and be there for your kids and family. Doing the right thing, even in the middle of a storm when it doesn’t feel right, is always the right thing to do. This is how we break vicious cycles and make the world better for everyone.

Aye –


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