Brick by Brick

AO: City Limits

When: 03/01/2021


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Bronco, Footloose, Hackey Sack, Kipling, Linus, RA, Scrooge,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:


The BackBlast:

7 men emerged from the warmth of their beds and entered the gloom ready to greet a new week and a new month with the opportunity to #getbetter. YHC had the Q and decided to run back a version of his VQ from approximately 6 years ago. Here’s what happened:

Conditions: 25ish with some wind, cold enough to remind you its still winter, but warmer than -5…so, that’s nice

The Thang:

Circle up for Warm-o-rama whilst waiting for Linus and Bronco to run in:

25 x SSH IC

20 x Imperial Walkers IC

Mosey to the parking lot to grab bricks out of YHC’s car, continue Mosey to the football field.


At Football Field, line up on Goal Line. All exercises done OYO, plank upon completion (at least 15 seconds)

Set 1: 30 x Curls, 30 x American Hammers, 30 x Lunges (the hard way R + L =1) All with bricks

Shuttle Run to 15, back, 30, back, 45, back, 60, back & Plank at least 15 seconds for recovery

Rinse & Repeat with 25 reps and 20 reps


Set 2: 30 x Merkin Rows (Merkin, row R, row L), 30 x Big Boys Sit Ups, 30 x squats, plank

Shuttle Run to 15, back, 30, back, 45, back, 60, back & Plank at least 15 seconds for recovery

Rinse & Repeat with 25 reps


Line up single file on pavement, group march back whilst doing: 25 x Overhead press, 25 x curls, 25 x tricep extensions, 25 walking lunge, 25 x overhead, & 25 curls

Return bricks…endex

Total reps: 125 curls, 175 lunges, 75 hammers, 55 merkins, 55 big boys, 55 squats, 110 rows, 50 overhead press, 25 tricep extensions, at least 2:30 planking, & 1.78 miles of running (most at a sprint)


– Scrooge is looking for a good mechanic if anyone knows of one.

– Breakthrough Volunteer Opportunity postponed

– Beer Ruck on the Horizon

– Grand Opening of F3 Humboldt Park tomorrow 3/2 @ 5:30 am


YHC is currently reading Matthew McConaughey’s Autobiography “Greenlights” and came across this passage over the weekend…

The backstory is, McConaughey has had early success in his career without training to be an actor, but by showing up, knowing who the character is and by simply being the character. He reaches a point in his career where he decides to take acting lessons which results in him over thinking his parts and not getting cast. Finally an indie film comes along and he decides to return to his previous, just showing up and being the character, style and chooses not to read the script to prepare. Turns out his character is doing this scene in Spanish, which he does not know. Here’s the passage…

“We have to prepare to have freedom. We have to do the work to then do the job. We have to prepare for the job so we can be free to do the work. Knowing my man does not mean I know Spanish.”

In essence, in order for us to be the freest version of ourselves, the ones who are free to live our best life and be our best self, we have to combine knowledge and preparation. We cannot just arrive in a place knowing what the job is, we must also be willing to prepare ourselves for what lies ahead. Through F3 we have the opportunity to have the knowledge of problems facing men today, the knowledge of understanding the solution to many of those problems, and the space to prepare ourselves to address these issues for ourselves (Get Right) and for others (Live Right). But we have to seize those opportunities for them to have success. Are we willing to obtain the knowledge provided, and are we willing to prepare ourselves through the taking of the Daily Red Pill? Each man must answer this on their own.

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