AO: City Limits

When: 10/08/2021


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Alliance, Chalmers, CowboyMouth, Cutter, Dos, FVI, Giuliani, HoJo, Lead Pipe, LED, Pebbles, Rossy, Troll, Truckin,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: na

QIC: hOjOh

The BackBlast:

10/8 with a smooth 66 degree morning in a heavy fog, 14 PAX strong changed gears from a traditional RunClub to BOMBING Scoville!  the fog was epic!

WARMER:  @LED old man stroll around the field followed by side straddle hops, Abes forward & reverse, mountain climbers, and mountain man poopers


Mosey to Scoville


THE THANG:  team up PAX into pairs of two.  One PAX takes a Scoville lap while the partner bangs out reps.  Rotate each lap while counting reps cumulatively.

100 burpees

150 overhead claps

150 merkins

150 bigboys

150 squats

Finished with team flutter kicks


Mosey back to Wreck Center, stopping for MARY on the run.


QUICK MARY:  @FVI honored 21 flutter kicks / homage to homie’s Buffalo hoops #.


WORDS:  Short words boys, come back Monday 630am for another dose!


-hOjOh out

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