AO: Eagles Landing

When: 02/10/2023


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Duck Snort, Hackey Sack, Madoff, McFeely, Meatloaf, Sheriff, TotalRecall,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Madoff

The BackBlast:

CONDITIONS: 37 degrees, cloudy and breezy

Motivators x 5
Daisy Pickers x 10
Imperial Walkers x 10
Mountain Man Poopers x 10
Don Quixote x 10
Hit field for some high knees, butt kickers and side shuffles before moseying East to Barrie Park.

Fellowship run around the perimeter of Barrie with stops at each corner to perform one of the following-
Burpees x 5
Merkins x 5
Big Boys x 5
Squats x 5
Ran up the stairs to the top of the sledding hill and down.

Broke into teams of 2. PAX 1 ran around the park performing BMBS x 5 like above. PAX 2 repeated runs to the top of the stairs and back until PAX 1 returned then switch. We managed 2.5 rotations before it was time to head back to the AO. 2.85 miles total and 652 ft gained.

Shuffle Kicks x 20
Box Cutters x 10

2/12 F3 Open
2/23 F2 Dinner
2/25 Chili at Sheriff’s

Reflecting on the article Fogger included in his Combine Pre-Blast, the message was about being proactive and not reactive. Things typically work out better for you when you have a vision of how things should happen and then working toward that goal. This can include anything you care about: work, family, friendships, community. If you care about something, you should work to enjoy it more or improve on it, not just let it come to you. This is impactful to me personally as I reflect on how my girls are getting older and will soon be out of the house. The window is closing to accomplish those items I want to do with them before they are off in the world. Learn from me while your kids are young and you still have time. Make plans, put a date in the calendar and take advantage of the time you have for it is fleeting brother.

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