BLIMPS Not Spy Balloons

AO: City Limits

When: 02/20/2023


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Madoff, McFlurry, Päntsdrunk, Sheriff, Snork, TotalRecall,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Total Recall

The BackBlast:

Conditions: 30s, clear. Dark when we began but the beginnings of sunrise toward the end. Spring is near!

Warmer: SSH, Daisy Pickers, Goofballs, Don Quixotes, Abe Vigodas, Old Man Stretch

Thang: The group mosey’ed toward the field, stopping at each left-hand street light to complete one exercise: 10 burpees, 10 lunges, 10 imperial walkers, 10 merkins, 10 plank jacks, and 10 squats.
Once we’d deconstructed the BLIMPS, it was time for the main event.

• B – Burpees (5)
• L – Lunges (10)
• I – Imperial Walkers (15)
• M – Merkins (20)
• P – Plank Jacks (25)
• S – Squats (30)
Start at the goal line with 5 burpees, then sprint to the 10 yard line for L. Back to goal line to start anew, adding on a letter at every 10 yards.

On the second round, we completed the following, having changed every other exercise:
• B – Burpees (5)
• L – Little Baby Crunches (10)
• I – Imperial Walkers (15)
• M – Mountain Climbers (20)
• P – Plank Jacks (25)
• S – Star Jumps (30)

Quick pit stop for 10 derkins, 20 tricep dips at a park bench on the route back toward the lot.

Mary: Box Cutters, Freddie Mercuries, ABCs

COT: A note of gratitude. Whenever we travel or plan a trip, my wife and I often talk about what it would look like for us to live in that place. This always ends with a list of things we have in our community now that would be hard to replicate. It’s a great exercise in counting your blessings. One of the things always on my list is this F3 group. Thankful for each of the PAX that came out today.

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