Better than Basic

AO: The Green Room

When: 04/06/2021


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Alliance, Lemond, MaryLou, Nemo, Sweet Tooth, Throttle, Waddle,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Waddle

The BackBlast:

7 Pax assembled in the gloom at the Green Room braving a parking lot full of filming trailers and harsh 63 degree conditions. It was on this date in 1917 the United States declared war on Germany in WWI. In honor of that we did a Basic Training Fitness Test.


  • Groiner x 10 IC
  • Imperial Walker x 15 IC
  • Abe Vigoda x12 IC Forward and Reverse
  • Mountain Climbers x 15 IC
  • Deep Lateral Squat x 12 IC
  • Motivators from 8
  • Good Mornings x 10 IC

The Thang

  • First section was Merkins AMRAP in 2 minutes with strict form
  • Monkey Humpers x 12 IC for an active recovery
  • Second section was sit-ups and in honor of WWI we did the WWI variety with legs straight and arms extended above the head to start for AMRAP in 2 minutes
  • Third Section was a 2 mile run. Run as quickly as possible to the next turn or intersection of the park then double back to pick up the 6. F3 shovel flag is handed off at each intersection/turn.

The Thang +

  • Burpees AMRAP in 10 minutes


  • American Hammer x 16 IC


  • 3rd F: Cradles Crayons 4141 W George April 8 2-4pm organized by Combine. Check Slack for more info

We ended with some thoughts on finishing the F3 Brotastic Lent Challenge. We all need a challenge or a goal.  Something to measure ourselves against and strive for.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant or lofty.  The more attainable it is the more likely we are to stick to it.  We need that reason to keep doing what we are doing.  For fitness it could be something like being able to do a pull up or run a mile in 8 minutes or hold a handstand.  The goal gives us the focus and sharpens our efforts as well as gives us something to celebrate upon achieving it.

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