Bench press upon request

AO: The Goat Rodeo

When: 11/17/2021


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Amtrak, Arts N Crafts, FIFO, Homer, Lemond, Sumo, Waddle,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: LeMond

The BackBlast:

Nov. 17, 2021 Goat Rodeo

  1. Warm-Up: Side Straddle Hops, 1 Burpee, Little Bitty Arm Circles (forward), 2 Burpees, Little Bitty Arm Circles (reverse), 3 Burpees, Imperial Squat Walkers,  4 Burpees, Windmills, 5 Burpees
  2. The Thang:  The PAX counted off.  Those with odd numbers moseyed to get coupons; those with even numbers performed a Bear Crawl to 35 and Walking Lunges back.  The PAX reconvened at the goal line with PAX with coupons pairing up with PAX without.
  3. Round 1, the PAX with coupons performed Blockies and the PAX without performed Burpees.  It was AMRAP while the Q performed 10 Blockies.  Upon completion, the paired PAX switched the coupon and performed Blockies and Burpees AMRAP while the Q performed 10 Burpees.
  4. Round 2: Pass coupons back and forth between two partners.
  5. Round 3: the PAX with the coupon performed Coupon Curls; PAX without performed LBCs.  Then the PAX traded the coupon and completed the other exercise.
  6. Round 4: Coupon Squat Thrusters (PAX with) and Bonnie Blairs (PAX without).  As before, the PAX switched the coupon and performed the other exercise.
  7. Round 5: the PAX completed either Coupon Swings or a Left Leg Dirty Dog/Mule Kick combo before switching to execute the other exercise.
  8. Extra: did reverse guardian run with a single coupon.
  9. Round 6: upon request, did bench press with coupons; other Pax did merkins
  10. Mary: James Bonds; Flutter kicks, American Hammer.

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