Bear Crawls and Bids


When: 11/06/2023


Number of Pax: 18

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Breadstick

QIC: Bronco

The BackBlast:

Windy. 17 plus a late arrival gathered for some calisthenics at City Limits. YHC may have chosen a route to our work station that was better in the daylight yesterday. Won’t do that again.

18 PAX: Alliance, Bergundy, Breadstick, Bronco (QIC) DuckSnort, Fogger, Lord of the Dance, Madoff, McFeely, Public Access, Restore, Silver Spoon, Slider, Snork, Spitvalve, Total Recall, Troll, and Webelos


Washing Machines – 12
Arm Circles – 15
SSHs – 15
Burpees – 5
Overhead Claps – 10
Merkins – 15
BBSUs – 20
Squats – 25
Mosey through trail
Dips on rocks – 20
Decline or Incline merkins – 20
Mosey to hill / trail
PAX partner up…
Round 1 – PAX 1 Bear Crawl; PAX 2 BOMBS – 5, 10, 15, 20, 25; Switch
Round 2 – PAX 1 Dash around hill; PAX 2 – 15 No Cheat Merkins, 20 Jump Squats, 25 Mountain Climbers; Switch
Repeat and Rinse!
Mosey back – less treacherous in the light
Flutter kicks – 20
Crunchy frogs – 20
What’s a bid? “The fundamental unit of emotional communication.” Bids can be small or big, verbal or nonverbal. They’re requests to connect. They might take the form of an expression, question, or physical outreach. Bids are often purposely subtle because people are afraid to be vulnerable and put themselves out there. It’s scary to say, “Hey! I want to connect! Pay attention to me!” so instead, we ask a question or tell a story or offer our hand for connection. We hope we’ll receive connection in return, but if not, it’s less scary than pleading, “Connect with me, please!”
I shared that I needed to pay more attention to this simple but vital key to my relationship with my wife. I realized a few times this weekend that I was caught in my own head and not connecting. Being mindful of bids from loved ones is important for connection. I am working on it especially this week after realizing that I missed a bunch this weekend.

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