Battle of the ‘bands’


When: 02/09/2024


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: NA

QIC: Sheriff

The BackBlast:

40 degrees and damp ground

Warm o rama: arm circles, seal claps, overhead claps, mountain climbers, goof balls, washing machines with band and up/down with bands

Thang 1

Pax paired up with bands around the knees. Pax 1 did a side step lap of the botchi ball court while the other Pax did merkins. After completing the lap, the pax switch. They worked until 200 merkins were completed.

For part two, Pax 1 did ‘monster walk’ lap with band around ankles while the other did isometric lat pull downs with a band. Again until 200 lat pull downs reached.

Mosied around

Thang 2

Pax 1 did 20 dips on benches while the other did turkish get ups. Alternated until each completed 60 dips total.

Pax 2 did 20 ring pulls while the other did squats. Alternated until each completed 60 ring puls.

Moised to the wall and did 90s wall sit.

Returned for crowd sourced Mary.

COT: Nobody remembers what you say, only how you make them feel.

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