AO: The Krib

When: 12/09/2021


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Alliance, Epic, Fogger, HoJo, McFeely, Rossy, Valencia,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: na

QIC: hOjOh

The BackBlast:

12/9/2022:  Seven strong came out for three and a third.  Ironically, 33 degrees + 3.33 ruck.


WARMER:  a quiet old man stretch right over left & left over right, slow imperial walkers, windmills

THE RUCK:  We started south on Circle passing over 290 before hanging a left on Garfield.  We took the G east just past Harlem to Maple.  We headed south at Maple and scooped the full loop of Maple Park before heading back north to Garfield.  We dashed further east to the pedestrian bridge taking us north over 290.  Then a quick left heading back west working our way past Harlem.  We skipped Circle and circled the area before venturing back to Circle to close the loop (whaaat?).  Total Ruck = 3.33miles / 57 minutes.


WORDS:  Thanksgiving is in the rearview with more holidays approaching.  Appreciate what we have and give back what you can.  If you are able to participate, please get out and support the Breakthrough holiday store if you can.  @Rossy is leading the charge this year so please let him know if you can make it.

~hOjOh out

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