Apes, Crabs and Bears

AO: The Oven

When: 10/13/2023


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Alliance, Bergundy, Bronco, Lord of the Dance, Malort, Restore, Slider,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Lord of the Dance

The BackBlast:

Today we indulged in some exercises we learned from our host brothers at the Zoo Crew convergence last weekend!

Conditions: Perfect- cool, dry, hovering around 60 degrees.

Warm Ups:
– Old man stretch
– Sidestraddle Hops
– Abe Vigodas
– Seal claps
– Hillbilly walkers
– Rossys
– Daisy Pickers
– Don Quixotes

Thang One:
Bear Battalion: PAX line up behind Q,who calls out commands for the group to follow in unison:
forward, back, left, right, attack! (into Al Gore crouch), spin left, spin right

Thang Two: 4 Corners
We did 2 full rotations. PAX must ape walk N and S, crab walk E and W as they move from one corner to the next.
– Corner One: 25 merkins, 25 mountain men
– Corner Two: 25 squats, 25 crab cakes
– Corner Three: 25 Apollo Ohnos, 25 scissors
– Corner Four: 25 failures to launch, 25 Dancing Lizards

Marys: Each PAX called one exercise and the # of reps, then led us. (Apologies-I’ve forgotten 2.)
– Adam Wests
– Slo Mo Dead Bugs
– Boxcutters
– Mountain man poopers

CoT: Celebrating the participation of one FNG at Thursday’s OTB beatdown outside the Wayback Inn in Maywood. Last week, our first attempt, we had a few spectators but no joiners. This week we had our first FNG- Freefall! Will he return? We hope so! We’re going to continue to provide the opportunity and consistency and hope that we can help other fellas to find the same purpose and value in F3 that all of us have individually. We know this group has been a huge part of some lifestyle changes that many of us have been making for our own betterment; we hope F3 can serve the same role for anyone else who might choose to join us.

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