AO: The Main Event

When: 08/06/2021


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: BROTHER BLUTO, Denari, Hungry Caterpillar, My Buddy, Redick, Slick Back, Sloan, Smails,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Slick Back

The BackBlast:


  • Multiple stretches for 2 min
  • Lap around AO

The Thang:

Parking Lot:

  • Using parking spot lines sprint forward, side shuffle, back pedal, side shuffle.  Rinse and repeat the entire lot.
  • Quick feet on curb


  • Wall sits passing a coupon back and forth for 2 min.  Last pass around everyone does 5 shoulder press.


  • Frog jumps from pavilion to hill then sprint up the hill.  Hold plank until 6 is in.


  • 12 exercises to symbolize how many months I’ve been with F3.  Start with 1 calf raise.  Then do 2 shoulder taps and 1 calf raise.  Then 3 lunges, 2 shoulder taps, and 1 calf raise.  Continue this way until the final round of 12.
  1. Calf Raise
  2. Shoulder Taps
  3. Lunges
  4. Flutter Kicks
  5. Dips
  6. Mountain Climbers
  7. Squats
  8. Burpees
  9. Big Boys
  10. Merkins
  11. Plank Jacks
  12. Side Straddle Hop

Burpee Challenge:

  • One man stands in the middle of the circle another man joins him whoever can do one burpee the quickest stays in the middle and challenges the next person.  Congrats to Redick for being the winner.


LBCs x45 (IC)

Freddie Mercury x30 (IC)

Plank 1 min


Thank everyone for showing up with their busy schedules and giving 110%.  This Q was my one year anniversary with F3 Lagrange.  Had the pleasure meeting a great bunch of guys that push me to be a better HIM.  Keep it up….see you next week.

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