A Bittersweet Beatdown

AO: The Main Event

When: 07/07/2022


Number of Pax: 19

Pax Names: A-Aron, BROTHER BLUTO, Damone, Denari, Geppetto, Grace, Mancow, Pong, Redick, Reuben, Scud, Slick Back, Sloan, Stateville, Sweat Equity, Terps,

Number of FNGS: 3

FNG Names: Mancow, Subprime, Nomar

QIC: Redick

The BackBlast:

F3 Q 7.7.22

Warm Up

  • Side Straddle Hops x 25
  • Imperial Walkers x 10
  • Goofballs x 10
  • Tappy Taps x 10
  • Quads
  • Stanky Leg
  • Hip Flexors
  • Shoulder
  • Neck Rolls


Run to field w/ Coupons


Jog around AO and back to field

Thang 1:

Curls x 30

Chest Press x 30

Coupon Squat x 30

Shoulder Press x 20

Blockies x 10

Burpees x 10


Run to Panera Parking Lot

Thang 2:

Partner up – 1 HIM runs up the hill, runs down the hill. Other partner does a workout at the bottom of the hill until the HIM finishes.

Workout is up to the partners, but 1 of them has to be burpees. 

Do this x 4


Run to Workout Court

Thang 3:

Same Partners, half do pull ups/dips, half do planks.  

High Plank, Left Side, Right Side, Low Plank

Do this x 4


Jog to Field

Thang 4:

  • Big boys x 1 min
  • Side plank x 1 min
  • Freddy Mercury x 1 min

COT: I’m moving to the Palatine / Barrington area middle of August.  We are going to be closer to our families and found our long term home to raise our kids in.  I just want to thank every one of you here and the ones that aren’t here. You’ve all pushed and supported me in so many ways over the last 2 years.  A lot of times you don’t even realize it, you just showed up with a friendly face and worked hard.  Other times you asked me how my family was doing, asked about my son when he was having health issues, went out to a bar, grabbed coffee, etc… I moved out to this area during a pandemic only knowing Denari.  And it was really hard at the beginning.  But now one of the hardest things about leaving this area is not seeing all of you guys (as often, still only 45 minutes away).  I’ll be doing F3 Palatine and am excited to meet some new HIMS.  But just continue to do what you all do.  This is such a welcoming and encouraging group of guys, so keep being doing you. Thanks for everything.

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