AO: The Nunnery

When: 01/04/2023


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Foreman, Gold, Madoff, Päntsdrunk, Public Access, Silver Spoon, Snork, TotalRecall,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Päntsdrunk

The BackBlast:

Weather was a pleasantly “warm” feeling 36 degrees

Warm Ups: Motivators from 7, Daisy pickers x10, imperial walkers x10, Bat wings (lbac f/b, Seal Claps, Overhead Claps) x10 each

Main event:

We walked the perimeter of the school and did exercises at each corner  

at the first corner we learned the sequence and just did a single rep of the 4 exercise: Blockees, Grave Diggers, Deadlifts, Curls

at the next corner we did 5 Blockees, 10 grave diggers, 15 deadlifts, 20 curls

at the next 10 blockees, 15 grave diggers, 20 deadlifts, 25 curls

And at the last stop 15 blockees, 20 grave diggers, 25 deadlifts, 30 curls

Quick Fellowship rinse around the block before we went to the first corner again and learned the next sequence with one rep Each of squats, bent over rows, overhead presses, and manmaker merkins 

we then did a decendimg latter at each corner as follows:

30 squats, 25 BOR, 20 OP, 15 manmakers

25 squats, 20  BOR, 15 OP, 10 manmakers

20 squats,  15 BOR,  10 OP, 5 manmakers

finished right on time


CoT:  Wanted to share my gratitude to F3 and all the PAX , the relationships, the way the group is managed and run for helping me maintain this exercise routine for the longest I’ve ever maintained any time of workout program.  You guys rock.  Thank you.



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