30-20-10 AGAIN!

AO: The Crown

When: 03/24/2023


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: 8-Track, Combine, CR7, Falafel, Lady Bug, Lovejoy, Ned Ryerson, Sweet n Low, The Situation,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Combine

The BackBlast:

Conditions: Upper 30’s, cloudy, windy, perfect.
Warm-o: SSHs, calf stretches, grass pickers, Abe Vigodas, windmills, overheads, runner’s stretch, plank jacks, and mountain climbers.
The Thang: 30-20-10
Round I:
30 step ups->karaoke 50 yards and back
20 dips->karaoke 50 yards and back
10 burpees ->karaoke 50 yards and back
Did the full cycle one more time with slide step squats instead of karaokes

Round II:
30 pull ups ->run short loop
20 dirty hookups->run short loop
10 burpees->run short loop
Did the full cycle one more time with backwards run

Round III:
30 yard bear crawl->30 Carolina drydocks->crawl bear back
20 yard bear crawl->20 start jumps->crawl bear back
10 yard bear crawl->10 burpees->crawl bear back

Mary: IC 30 LBCs, 20 American hammers, 10 mountain climbers

More than 300 reps put in today and almost 2 miles of running. A pretty good morning.

CoT: The best way out is always through – Robert Frost
Theme for today was to find what fuels us and to push ourselves further. It was you vs. you out there surrounded by friends. I opened up about my mental battles over the last 18 months. You never know what the guy next to you is going through. Some of us wear scars on the inside. It takes courage to speak up about it. Being vulnerable has allowed me to heal. This group has been there for me through it all. Whatever you’re holding onto, you don’t have to carry the weight alone. Rely on the guy next to you. It’s more than a workout.

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