AO: The Main Event

When: 12/31/2021


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Denari, Grace, Mr. Burns, Old Man Bleu, Undercover Brother,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Brother Bluto

The BackBlast:

2021 Reps- This is a 2021 Themed Beatdown


Stretch OYO- F3 is a free, peer lead workout, always held outdoors (rain or shine), I am not a professional- please modify as necessary, and ends in a CoT…

21 Side Straddle Hops

The Thang:

Mosey to the Pavillion- 5 active Pax (Denari is modifying based on a bum knee)- We did 2021 reps as a group (rather than partner DORA as originally planned- this worked out perfectly) of the following:

In between sets run 2021 feet between milk jugs (A lap and change) (roughly .39 miles)

400- Air Squats (we did 40 each (200), then ran 2021 feet); then did 40 more + 40 Curls each); Ran 2021 feet

400- Curls (40 each); finished the last 200 and did Bonnie Blairs (full set)

300- Bonnie Blairs ( 60 each brutal- we figured out we could each take a set of 60 to count, which helped a ton); ran 2021 feet

300- Press (60 each);

200- Merkins (40 each); ran 2021 feet

200- Lunges (40 each)

100- Overhead  Press (20 each)

100- Coupon dead lifts (20 each); ran 2021 feet

20- Burpees (4 each; we were exhausted)

1- Coupon Elephant Walk (2 Pax- 1 coupon Rifle carry; 1 coupon waiter carry walking together)

2021 Total Reps;

5 laps of 2021 feet + plus an additional 566 feet (elephant walk and mosey)

Total distance travelled of 10, 671 feet (2.021 miles)


50 count of Mountain Climbers per the request of my daughter Emmy (100 with 3 count; 100 seconds)

21 count of Plank Jacks in honor of my son Jack (21.26 seconds)

121.26 seconds is 2.021 Minutes

Recover; Rec0ver


I reflected on the changes in 2021 that F3 has provided to my appearance, my mental state, my decisions and most importantly, the changes in lifestyle as viewed by my kids as they are watching, noticing and emulating. F3 has been a catalyst for improvement in all facets.

Denari Passed out 100 Posts badges to those who hit 100 this year:  Grace, Denari, Brother Bluto, (present), as well as Sloane, Slick Back, and Smails.

Naked Man Moleskin:

Looking at the personal relationships built in 2021 via F3- the group here today included (this is a small sample size- any other day, each of the HIM would offer a similar; unique friendships):

Mr. Burns- Congrats again on the new baby in 2021; Thanks for the ride to Naperville for F3 24-I look forward to more garage beers, and hopefully getting a ride in the Mustang in 2022.

Grace- Thanks for being my mumble chatter, skipping leg day, work hard play hard “cop buddy”.  I look forward to more lifts at La Fitness that end with trips to the Cordial- or we can skip the lifts!

Undercover Brother- “Fast Eddie”- you still crush me in every sprint, but do it the nicest way possible…Thank you for driving me to the Sox playoff game, and not leaving me behind!  Also, between the Mulliganeers, basketball and F3- Im sure there are a bunch more beers shared soon.

Old Man Bleu- Thank you for bringing the groups collective IQ up dramatically- whether its referencing ancient Greeks in mumble chatter or developing a Q based on Dickens, Cervantes or a Russian thrower, we are all better for having you with us!  I look forward to continuing to discuss France, esoteric references and trying to hang on the fringes of your vast intellect.

Denari- What can I say?  Your leadership, perspective and sneaky athleticism are inspiring.  I also appreciate your willingness to listen-even if the ideas are ridiculous and tangential.  I know 2021 was a bit of a struggle between sickness(es), injuries and a job change- you held us together, lead our group and helped many of us become better HIMs without missing a beat.  Thank you!

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