1Q2023 Fitness Test – Goat Rodeo Edition

AO: The Goat Rodeo

When: 02/01/2023


Number of Pax: 2

Pax Names: Amtrak, Sumo,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Sumo

The BackBlast:

Happy February. Today started at a crisp, cool -14℃. There was no discernible breeze so it definitely wasn’t as bad as could be. YHC had a lovely fitness challenge in mind for the day and that required coupons. Here in Chicago we don’t do much with coupons and that’s for a good reason: There’s literally no place to stash them. We must have them in our cars (for those of us that drive) or bring them with us on public transportation. Any time we stash them, they get stolen or removed by the city employees.

YHC fortunately keeps one in the apartment for just such occasions. The tough part was getting to the AO. I live within walking distance. Not having a car means that’s the best I can do. So I grabbed the coupon and rucked the 1 mile to Goat Rodeo. It was a gorgeous ruck too. The pre-dawn gloom still has loads of stars to marvel at. It also puts into perspective how very small we all really are. Whatever misery we’re going through is, on a cosmic scale, nothing. Completely insignificant. But the good work we do… that’s what matters.

It was just the two HIMs today: Sumo and Amtrak. But we were ready to make the best of it.

We kicked things off with 20xSSH IC, 20xAbe Vigoda IC, 20xSeal Claps IC and 15xDaisy Pickers IC.

The Thang
Today we did the first quarter fitness challenge. With only one coupon we had to switch things up just a bit but it all worked out. The challenge is as follows:

1. 1 minute timed burpees AMRAP
2. Triple broad jump for distance
3. 2 minutes timed T-merkins
4. Sprint-Hop-Carry (the coupon work)
5. Leg Tucks AMRAP
6. 2 mile run

The Thang took us right to the 45 minute mark so there was no time for Mary. But many lessons were learned this morning. One thing YHC learned is Amtrak is a beast when it comes to hanging and shoulder work. And YHC is pretty good when it comes to burpees: 22 done in 60 seconds. I’m looking forward to running this again and seeing what we can accomplish.

AYE – Sumo

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