12/05 : Kodak’s December Q.

AO: Wreck Center

When: 12/05/2020


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Bronco, Cargo, Cutter, Denari, DrLove, Terps,

Number of FNGS: 2

FNG Names: Banks, Flo, Baywatch, Fogger, JuiceyFruit

QIC: Kodak

The BackBlast:

Challenged by a key Pax to have a unique Q for each workout this month at all the F3OP AOs, YHC (Your Humble Correspondent) took an early date and gathered some lingering ideas.

Six met early for an EC (Extra Credit) Ruck while three met for an EC Run (well, one pair plus a solo who missed the connection).


Disclaimer / Warm-up :

SSH – Mosey

Shoulder-Taps / Plank – Mosey

Smurf-Jacks – Windmills – Mosey to OPRF Garage Deck


Thang 1 : Burpee AMRAP

Pax directed for an 8 minute Burpee AMRAP; were given (2) time checks to encourage the push. (T-Claps to Cutter for hitting 100; anyone else?)

Recover – Fellowship Jog

Thang 2 : Modified Dora 50-50-50 (partner exercise)

  • P1 does 1 movement back-forth on the garage ramp
    • Allowable movements : BearCrawls, CrawlBears, CrabWalks, WalkCrabs
  • P2 Does reps of Rx exercises; switch places when P1 returns to the cumulative number
    • 50 Turkish Get Ups
    • 50 StarJumps
    • 50 Lunges (R/L=1)


Thang 3 : 8-16-8 meter Shuttle Races

  • Two Groups – Rabbits and Turtles
  • Head to Head within each group; if you win two or lose two, move up or down to the next group.


Fellowship Jog to start Point

Endex : Burpees. Each Pax to complete 50% of AMRAP burpees. (T-Claps to Cutter for completing the Rx burpees, and then some).


COT : Count/Name-o-Rama. Welcome to Banks and Flo – two indoor basketball men; we have reaped the benefit of closed gyms! Hope these workouts are a helpful substitute.


  • December Unique Q Challenge : sign up to lead a workout. Let’s fill all of the spots!
  • 12/18 will be a great day – morning 5k race and then eveniong service project at Breakthrough Urban Ministries. Mark that day on your calendar.

Closing comments : YHC identified his ongoing blindspot in how he responds to his daughters, how he parents… at work, I know can keep a pretty good composure and deliver what my clients or managers need, but at home I’m working on giving the same consistency to my daughters. At times, they may not know which dad they’re gonna get when they come to me for anything (fun-dad or grumpy-dad), but I think it will help our relationsghips better if I can put the focus on them and less on me.

/Kodak Out!!

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