Archives: You did it, Charlie Brown – The Bean (Sat) 3/30

Date: Saturday March 30, 2019

Time: 07:00





Whether you are a sad clown or not, sometimes life pulls the football from you at the last minute.

But, on March 30, redemption!

Looking for HCs for tomorrow’s beatdown. Appearance of the Great Pumpkin is certain. A sighting of the Red Barron is possible. No kite eating trees, although they sure love to rough up the eagle on the flag.

Charlie Brown Football Pull GIF


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Five PAX came together on March 30 (Denari, Down Range Klinger, Ladybug, Mimbo and Homer taking the Q) to celebrate the 26th anniversary of Charlie Brown hitting a home run to win the game.

1.   Red Barron (Abe Vigoda/Don Quixote): 10

2.   Snoopy Shuffle: Butt-kicker, Frankenstein, Twisting Lunge

3.   Charlie Trot: (Indian Run)

4.   Pigpen: (Army Crawl/Duck Walk)

5.   Great Pumpkin: (Burpees, Merkins, Squats, Sit-ups, LBCs): 10 each

6.   Wah, Wah, Wah: Rockette Hillbillies, Mt. Climbers, Carolina Drydock, Peter Parker, Freddy Mercury)

7.   Linus’ Blanket: (Fireman’s Carry)

8.   Race for your Life, Charlie Brown: (dash to Michigan Ave. back to the pavilion)

9.   Windshield Wiper: 15

10. Flutter Kick: 15

11. Leg Lift: 15

12. Side Plank: right/left

13. Little Faithful: to fail

We all know Charlie Brown as a guy who tries to do the right thing but in a sad clown kind of way. We are human and, therefore, broken. In some ways, there’s a little (or a lot of) Charlie Brown in all of us. And yet all of us are endowed with the ability to do big things and be changed by them. Here’s to Charlie Brown cracking a homer in the clutch.