Archives: Wreck Center – RunClub 1/10

Date: Friday January 10, 2020

Time: 05:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: [email protected]



New Year. New Goals.

Come one, come all, come ready to run. We’ll benchmark where we’re so we can measure our improvement.


Nine Pax Set Solid 5K Benchmark for 2020

Despite dreary forecasts, the rain never came. Instead spirits were lifted by unseasonably warm temps. After a short warmup, we staggered our 5K start based on each PAX’s expected run time, setting off north on a course designed for a collective sprint finish at OPRF stadium. The finish ended up more staggered than envisioned. And the 5K turned out about 0.1-mile short. But the run gave each Pax a good sense of where he stands as we all look to get faster in 2020.

Special shout out to Bronco for blazing the 5K in under 21 minutes. And to Sheriff for crushing Doomsday Clock and showing us all that putting in the effort pays off.

Warmup – Side Straddle Hop, Abe Vigoda, Overhead Claps, Seal Claps.

5K Benchmark Run – Staggered start with longer anticipated times leading the way. Times ranged from 21-30 minutes.

Wrapup – Freddy Mecury’s, Box Cutters, LBCs, Dead Bugs, Doomsday Clock.

CoT – A look forward to faster run times. Simple reminder to exercise our influence positively.



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