Archives: Wreck Center – (OTB) 1/20

Date: Monday January 20, 2020

Time: 06:00

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park




Cutter’s taking this OTB and shout-out to all local Men taking a pause to reflect on MLK.

Be there, you Maniacs!! 

6:00-6:45a, Ridgeland Wreck Center.


5 Pax Take to the Tundra for Inaugural Merkin Mania

In recognition of MLK Day, 5 Pax posted for an OTB beatdown dedicated to the many varieties of the Merkin. After a quick reminder of MerkinIn etiology — short for American push up — and clarification that it has nothing to do with a pubic wig, we got to work covering off on 6 different types of Merkins. Special shoutout to all Pax who made time to join the OTB beatdown on MLK 2020.

Warm Up — Side Straddle Hop (15); Abe Vigoda forward (12) and backward (15); Breakdancer Merkins (10); Cut a Flip (50 Merkins & Big Boys alternating after every 5; Mosey.

Workout — 11’s featuring Merkins & Clap Merkins with alternating 20-yard bear crawls & walking lunges across tundra; Wide-arm merkins (20) + Diamond Merkins (20); 11’s featuring Spider Merkins & Regular Merkins with 20-yard sprints across tundra; Mosey; Burps & Merks Escalating Pyramid 1-5 merks + 5-1 merks for each burped.

CoT — Acknowledgement of MLK. Recognition of how fortunate we all are. Encouragement to embrace the positive change we see in the world and to play our part in raising the enlightened generation that proceeds us.



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