Archives: Wreck Center – Oak Park (Wed) 9/11

Date: Wednesday September 11, 2019

Time: 05:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: verintthe

Little Finger


Join us in a light, 11-reps-based, workout. I’m about to get older again, so come support our group on that arduous journey to wisdom. Anyone up for a little growing pain is welcome!


My First Q, and b-day as well. Was excited and honored to lead it, so much so that I didn’t mind that much my three-year-old woke up 7 times due to cough, giving me a fine, restless night, reminding me that as long as we’re here not for ourselves, but for others, we can grow and be better men.

Dedicated to the military, the servicemen and women, the docs and nurses, and all the civs who lost their lives, their loves, or their health in, or because of, 9/11 attacks. (The counts were then 11s and 9s, sometimes 14s-my actual birth date)

The Thang:

Extended motivators (in cadence, more like SSHs, by mistake)

11 windmills

Partner sprints: one man sprinted half across the soccer field, the other waits in AlGore, then switch, then full length across

11 Merkins in slow cadence

11 explosive squats in slow cadence

11 big boy situps in slow cadence

11 leapfrogs, followed by 14 steps of asskicker run, 2reps

Mosey over to the high school garages

Up the stairs in line, then 14 burpees, rinse and repeat with consecutive 11 and 9 reps of burpeesBike stands pullups and pushups OYO, 11 of each, 2 reps

Mosey back

19 splitjacks

14 sit ups

11 mountain climbers

11 box cutters

Doomsdayclock merkins (we made it to a hundred thanks to @Chalmers and @Denari

Announcements from Kodak

COT w/repeat dedication and a reminder that living in peace here where we are is not to be taken for granted.



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