Archives: Wreck Center – Oak Park (Wed) 6/24

Date: Wednesday June 24, 2020

Time: 05:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: kodak

Cowboy Mouth
The Missionary


6/24 – Kodak has the Q.

6:30-7:15a @ Ridgeland Wreck Center



6/24 Beatdown:

Conditions : PERFECT – low 70’s / low humidity

Pax : Bouche, CowboyMouth, Cutter, Copa, Dunphy, Flay, Footloose, Hojo, Kodak (QIC), LED, LeadPipe, Paddington, TheMissionary, Vandelay




Cherry Pickers

MtnMan Poopers

Thang 1: 3000m Shuttle

Exercise / Shuttle run

  • 10 merkin / 4×400

(= 4 sets of merkins/4 sets 400’s)

  • 20 Mtn Climber / 3×300
  • 30 squats / 2×200
  • 40 burpees / 1×100

Thang 2:

21-18-15-12 … 9-6-3

  • Thrusters
  • Turkish Get Ups

2 MoM

Flutter kicks

COT Announcements :

  • Extra Credit Ruck Fri 6/26 prior to RunClub; kicking off at 0545.
  • F3 Evanston is launching 6/26. Spread the word to friends you have in the area, 0600-0700 at James Park. RA and a few are planning a clown-car to travel
  • 6/27 Service Project at Breakthrough Urban Ministries. 10a-12p …. we are meeting at 3219 W. Carroll at 9:45
  • New AO to be launched on Wednesday 7/08 at 0530. ‘Donut Shop’ will take place in proximity of The Wreck Center and will be coupon and/or bootcamp-based. For the early crowd and guys who want a little EXTRA prior to 0630 Beatdown.

Moleskin : This was my 200th post so I wanted to lead it. I don’t want to celebrate that ‘achievement’, but rather highlight why I keep coming back – I get inspired by these men every week. F3 men have a few common traits that I want to emulate and each beatdown, I feel like I’m getting 1% better by the company I keep.

  • F3 men are Strong. Mentally too – they push through a set of exercises with a determination I haven’t seen in a few years.
  • F3 men are durable. We get up in the dark, rain, cold … the Q throws something at us and we adapt. It becomes training for life.
  • F3 men are nice guys. Just plain + simple – we wait for the Six, we encourage the guy having a hard day, it gets better.
  • F3 men are dads and husbands, just like me and I’m learning how to better talk to or treat my close ones by hearing their advice.

This is more than a workout. Kodak/Out!



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