Archives: Wreck Center – Oak Park (Wed) 4/8

Date: Wednesday April 08, 2020

Time: 05:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: davidosta





Conditions: Cloudy-ish, around 50

PAX: RA, Kodak, Noonan, Bronco

It was great to have @Noonan at the Wreck Center.

Okay here’s what happened:


Motivators – From 10

Abe Vigodas – 20 each forward and back

Seal Clap – 10

Overhead Clap – 10

Suicide Squats – 20

THANG 1 (at OPRF garage):

Backward Bear Crawl Up

·       10 burpees – return

Bear Crawl Up

·       15 burpees – return

Backward Bear Crawl Up

·       20 Merkins – return

Bear Crawl Up

·       25 Merkins – return

Backward Bear Crawl Up

·       30 Squats – return

Bear Crawl Up

·       35 Squats – return

Backward Bear Crawl Half Way Up, Bear Crawl Up the Rest

·       40 Big Boy Sit Ups – return



·       15 x Dips

·       10 x Incline Merkins

·       5 x Decline Merkins



100 Merkins (sets of 10) – if you have a partner(s) hold plank

200 Squats (sets of 20) – hold squat

Timed out during Squats

Returned to Wreck Center

My confession after the workout was that I had never done a backwards Bear Crawl up an incline. Have you? Well these PAX have. It was rough, but we ground through it. It will come back again.

Backwards Bear Crawls are called Joe Hendricks to honor a guy who leads workouts at Red Rocks.

Again, I really appreciated the PAX rolling with everything I threw down. As usual I would not have done this much work if I didn’t know others were on it too.

@Noonan come on back!


We keep at it everyday. I look forward to it and it keeps the days moving along.

Now is the time to double down on listening to our governor and elected officials.

Passover is celebrated today so doing a Jacob’s Ladder was my nod to the holiday of the day. More holidays to come this week.



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