Archives: Wreck Center – Oak Park (Wed) 4/15

Date: Wednesday April 15, 2020

Time: 05:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: verintthe




30 SSH

15 cherry pickers

15 mountain climbers

30 Bonnie Blairs

Thang I:

Jog a block (100m)

30 squats

Sprint back (at least 50m) then jog to your starting point

30 big boy situps

Jog a block again

30 exploding squats

Sprint back AYG, ideally more than 50m, then jog back to the starting point

30 American hammers

Rinse and repeat 3 times

Rest for up to 3min if necessary (“check the menu” = refresh your memory of Thang II)

Thang II (only a variation of Thang I, rilly):

Jog a block

30 sec Al Gore

Head back to starting point by doing:

30 lunges

30 bear crawls (left-right hand counts as one)

30 frog jumps

Sprint the rest

30 big boy situps

Jog the block

30 imperial walkers

Head back by doing:

30 butt kickers

30 crab crawls

30 lunges

Sprint the rest to the start point

30 American hammers

Rinse and repeat 3 times



30 box cutters

Let’s see if I can pull off a Q without a single merkin! And let’s see if it’s awesome or deplorable … Pls lemme know after you’ve done it what you think,

I’ll do the same.




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