Archives: Wreck Center – Oak Park (Wed) 3/25

Date: Wednesday March 25, 2020

Time: 05:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: verintthe




Motivators from 10

20 Mountain climbers

20 monkey humpers

20 squats

Thang (for the love of merkins! cca 25min)

20 merkins

1 min elbow plank

2 Doomsday watch (merkins in the circle, feet are pivoting point, alternate one wide one narrow), go around twice

20 big boy situps

20 Archer pushups (go down on one arm, stretch the other sideways, when you’re down you look like you’re drawing a bow): 10 each side

20 explosive merkins (down slowly up fast): count to 5 going down

20 box cutters

Find a stair and do:

20 incline diamond merkins (up to you whether you wanna put your feet up or your hands)

60 second merkins (30sec down, 30sec up)

20 Freddy Mercury’s

Jog for 1/2 mile (cca 5min)

Death by burpees for 10min

Do 5, rest for 30sec, then 10, rest, rinse and repeat until you go down. Post on Slack the highest number you got to.


Alphabet letters


I’m getting scared because I’m slowly realizing this is just the beginning. This is going to last for at least six months, if not more. For this, I’d encourage everyone, mostly myself, to exercise hightened social distancing, AND some social media distancing. That means using social media to actually communicate, connect with people who matter to us and whom we can help by doing so. Not to dwell on social media for hours a day uselessly scrolling through scary disinformation.