Archives: Wreck Center – Oak Park (Wed) 3/11

Date: Wednesday March 11, 2020

Time: 05:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: kodak

Little Finger


03/11 Pre: Cold / Dark mornings are building some major fortitude.

I’ve got a few ideas to make it worse; let’s get after it before we the sun catches up to the clock and we start waking to sunshine and rainbows again.


03/11 BeatDown

AO : OakPark Wreck Center

Conditions : Dark, 35* and sprinkle of rain at the beginning

PAX : Cutter, Bouche, Chalmers, RA, HackeySack, LittleFingers, Puck, Bronco, BackStreet, Shredder, FNG Argo, LED

QIC : Kodak


3-2-1 Partner Dora 

• 300 SSH / 100m out/back run 

• 200 squats / 50m dash

• 100 hip swings / 25m sprint

Continue the WU w/ run to the North side of OPRH building, stopping at each block for a Circle of pain for the 6 to catch up.

• Flutter Kicks

• Smurf-Jacks


Jacobs ladder

Box Jumps / Step-Ups (20-18-16…)

Pull-Ups (1-2-3…)

Mosey back to the start point

• BreakDancers

• 3x (10 ct Plank / Mtn Climbers)

Announcements : Cutter is planning a bowling night; vote on Slack for the best date (4/17 seems most likely).

COT : Welcome FNG Argo and glad to have BackStreet EH his crew from nearby Cicero as we continue to grow.

Naked Moleskin : I spoke on our Shorties and the important relationship we have w/ our 2.0’s. 

I just returned from a quick weekend w/ my Daughter and really had a great time connecting with her again. A teenager, sometimes I take 2 steps fwd and 1 step bkwd, so this time together was good. I mentioned that although a Man’s wife is the most important relationship he should be mindful of, it should also be noted that his relationship w/ his shorties is also special. Something _could_ happen to my marriage and it all falls apart (am doing what I can to accelerate),but your kids will always be your kids … never your “ex-kids”. Take care of those relationships.

…. also, wish I was more observant on those BreakDancers. Apparently it took a few reps for one or more pax to understand the movement. It pays to provide a demo; or it’s just good fun for the other men to watch.

Kodak – OUT!