Archives: Wreck Center – Oak Park (Wed) 2/5

Date: Wednesday February 05, 2020

Time: 05:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: hackysack

Little Finger


Legs are a bit tired after a few days of running… sooooo, that could mean ALL of our arms will be screaming tomorrow, or perhaps not… only one way to find out. SYITG


Conditions: 30 degrees, little to no wind

PAX: Hackysack (QIC), RA, Kodak, Puck, Bronco, Sheriff, LED, Cutter, Little Finger, Bouche, Chalmers


Imperial Walkers

Arm Circles

Seal Claps

Overhead Claps


Mosey to Coupons…coupons gone… mosey back to field for an audible

Thang 1: Blackjack

1 Merkin on sideline – run across field – 20 merkins on sideline – run back

Continue with 2-19, 3-18, etc. always adding to 21

Cut short for time, but the PAX got about half way through it to 10-11

Thang 2: Quarter Pounder

Run quarter way across field, 25 merkins, back pedal to sideline

Run halfway across field, 50 squats, back pedal

Three quarters, 75 mountain climbers, back pedal

All the way across field, 100 SSHs, back pedal

Rinse and repeat

One more for fun: 3 Amigos (in some cases 4)

3 guys, backs together, interlocking arms, drop to a squat and move together across the field.

Mary: Rosalita Whip, Russian Twists


Naked Moleskin: It was a bummer to find the coupons gone, but forced an ad lib, which is always a good test, and everyone went with it. This group continues to motivate me, and we talk a lot about picking each other up, which is usually a figurative reference to pushing each other to be better. Today though it was fun to do an exercise (Three Amigos) where we literally had to pick/hold each other up. I was impressed with the groups ability to adapt and work together to move in unison.



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