Archives: Wreck Center – Oak Park (Wed) 11/8

Date: Friday November 08, 2019

Time: 05:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: kodak





1/08 F3 OakPark RunClub


Conditions: 18*

PAX: Kodak (QIC), Cutter, Sheriff, Puck, HackeySack, Chalmers


The goal was to keep moving and keep warm;









Thang: (5 Reps)

100m Sprint/jog back

80m shuttle


  • 5-Nordic Curls
  • 10-Single-leg squats (bench)
  • 10-Box Jumps / step downs
  • 10-Heel drops (decline – Achilles)


Moleskin: I added SO MUCH durability in my cache this morning as I had to push myself a little harder to get going this morning. Unseasonably cold and I am usually pulling the Six when I run w/ these strong men. Never the less – I raised my hand to lead and getting into uncomfortable situations is what this is about. I came in intimidated, but surrounded by encouraging men it went well – their participation is what makes this group such an awesome community.


Today’s beatdown was influenced by an interesting conversation I heard from a record-setting 5k (Respect) runner. He discussed the importance of stregthening specific muscle groups as well as neuroligical connections that will increase speed. If you don’t know what Nordic Curls are, do yourself a favor and investigate.

Link below:


COT closed w/ a summary of the Q Source and a reminder that EACH DAY we have to make an effort to accelorate our Fitness, Fellowship and Faith and these men hit the 1st F hard today, but it also means making the extra steps to be sweet to your M and shorties; then looking for ways to serve and study.

The full Q Source reading below:


We discussed plans for a Saturday morning launch and it looks like these men will hold strong through the cold Midwest winter. Very Impressive.

Kodak – OUT!



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