Archives: Wreck Center – Oak Park (Sat) 5/16

Date: Saturday May 16, 2020

Time: 07:00

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park




XYZPDQ – zipper beatdown coming at you. Sometimes it’s shorter, sometimes it’s longer; the zipper Makes you faster and stronger.


What is the zipper?

no one really knows.

But OP crew will be sore,

from head down to toes.

7 showed up,

on a beautiful May Day.

Limits were pushed by all,

I think is fair to say.

Here’s what we did:

*Motivators, down from 11

*Abe Vigodas. 11 count forward, 11 count back.

*Seal Clap, 11 count

*Imperial Walker, 11 count (I think, might have been 22).

The zipper:

Starting at an alley, half crew goes East, other West to the intersection. Then both go North 1 block. Then meet again at the next northern alley. East/West portions included sprints, lunge walks, backwards run, carioke (grape vine), Paytons, and sometimes just jog. The north stretch was always a jog. At each corner, an Rx we use was done: 11 Merkins, 33 calf raises, 22 flutter kicks, 11 big boys, 11 diamond mekins.

This was rinsed / repeated 8 times (8 blocks north).

Ended up at Taylor park. 3 jogging loops around the park.

Fast paced 1.0 mile run back south to the Wreck.

Cool down with various stretches and another round of Abe Vigodas – 11 forward / 11 reverse.

7 strong including an FNG ~ FLAY. Welcome!!!

Bouche out/