Archives: Wreck Center – Oak Park (RunClub) 1/17

Date: Friday January 17, 2020

Time: 05:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: verintthe



Come on out and best the cold! To stay warm, we’ll let ourselves be inspired by @Bronco’s sprint a week ago, and take it a little faster than usually.


6PAX decided to show the cold who’s the boss!

19 degree comfort, felt like 12 (per Accu weather), but only until we began running.



Motivators 5

Star jumps 21

The thang:

10k pace for .5 mile

20 merkins

Indian run for .5 mile (@Cutter set a swift pace)

10 merkins

.25 mile sprint (we gave it our 100 per cent)

Rest for cca 3 min

.25 sprint back (PAX paced themselves but still tried hard)

10k pace for .5 mile

5k plus sprint into the finish line back at Wreck Center.



Plank o’ Rama (plank for 20sec, right sideways plank for 20 sec, plank on elbows for 20 sec, left sideways plank for 20 sec, then 20sec of quick boxing the air … Rinse and repeat 3x)



@Cutter strained something in his loin, couldn’t run, but finished Mary with us, @Sheriff did extra merkins, @Bronco showed us true sprinting, @Little finger paced YHC and gave advice on sprinting, @Kodak guarded the rear and inspired is to go back and get Cutter



These men make me a better man. If I missed but one exercise, I might come up with excuses. So far, my record has been good, methinks, because these fellows in fitness make it fun and easy to be faithful to the ideas of F3. Thanks and let’s see this year through leaner, stronger, tougher. (I read those words in another backblast once)




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