Archives: Wreck Center – Oak Park OTB : DR Grunge QIC

Date: Monday March 02, 2020

Time: 05:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: kodak





BB for OTB @ F3 The Wreck

3/2/2020, 0530

QIC: Grunge (F3 Churham)

PAX: Puck, Boucher, Backstreet, Cutter, FNG Cargo (Respect!), FNG F.V.I., R.A., Kodak.

9 strong. Aye!


YHC was tardy due to a run in with Chicago’s Finest. No comment. Joined in with WU already in progress. Apologies to the brothers of F3 Oak Park/Naperville/Chicago.


Led PAX to middle of RCC Soccer Field. Circle up. Introduced the workout for this am. We will be living through my adaptation of the classic Vonnegut novel, Slaughterhouse-Five.

There are four stations. At each station we will be performing a couplet of exercises. The rep scheme will become evident after our first superset. We will then move to the next corner and perform the next superset, and so on.

Station One: Merkins & Mountain Climbers

  • Merkins, x 10 Single
  • Mountain Climbers, x 9 Cadence
  • Merkins, x 8 Single
  • Mountain Climbers, x 7 Cadence
  • Merkins, x 6 Single
  • Mountain Climbers, x 5 Cadence
  • Merkins, x 4 Single
  • Mountain Climbers, x 3 Cadence
  • Merkins, x 2 Single
  • Mountain Climbers, x 1 Cadence
  • Recovery On Your Feet
  • Merkins, x 10 Single


Station Two: WWIIs & Flutter Kicks

  • Repeato rep sequence using the above two exercises


Station Three: Burpees & BW Squats

  • Repeato rep sequence using the above two exercises, but with Recovery On Your Six.


Station Four: 8 Count Body Builders & Monkey Humpers

  • Repeato rep sequence using the above two exercises, but with Recovery On Your Six.


Return to Mid Field, Station One. PTSD Round.

Life is not linear. It is not a straight progression through time and space. Sometimes, we live it all at once. Infinite dimensions overlapping.

  • Merkins, x 10 Single
  • WWIIs, x 10 Single
  • Burpees, x 10 OYO
  • 8 Count Body Builders, x 10 OMC

  • Mountain Climbers, x 9, Cadence
  • Flutter Kicks, x 9 Cadence
  • BW Squats, x 9 Single
  • Monkey Humpers, x 9 Single

  • Repeato Merk/WWII/Burpee/8 Count BB, all x 8
  • Repeato MC/FKick/Squat/Humper, all x 7
  • Repeato Merk/WWII/Burpee/8 Count BB, all x 6
  • Repeato MC/FKick/Squat/Humper, all x 5

A simple illustration of what it is like living life with PTSD. How are we doing? How long will this go on? Will we take it down to 1? Will we ladder back up? Or will it all come to an end and we…

Run back to AO…

Circle up. Time for…

Mary, Quite Contrary

BLIMPS (6 Exercises/6 Reps Each)

  • Burpees, OYO
  • LBCs, Cadence
  • Iron Mikes (Prisoner Jump Lunge), Cadence
  • Mountain Climbers, Cadence
  • Plank Jacks, Cadence
  • SSH, Cadence

Had PAX circle up around the Flag

  • Low Squat Hold – The Pledge Of Allegiance
  • Plank Hold – The Lord’s Prayer

Recover. Fin.





  • Named our FNGs
  • Welcome brothers Cargo & F.V.I.


Short discussion about the Kaizen Principle. Small incremental changes over time leads to significant advancements. Focus on doing the little things that make life better for yourself and those around you. In time, these small improvements create a ripple effect that will lead to massive positive change.

Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

YHC took us out in prayer

** Big thanks to brother Kodak for his help and hospitality.

** Brother Cutter was awarded the Grunge/F3 Churham Hardcore patch for bringing two FNGs to this am’s OTB. Kudos brother!



F3 Chicago