Archives: Wreck Center – Oak Park (Mon) 6/15

Date: Monday June 15, 2020

Time: 05:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: kodak





6/15 BootCamp

Conditions – Perfect

Pax – Bronco, Copa, CowboyMouth, FVI, HoJo, Kodak(QIC), LED, RA, Dunphy (FNG)

I got home late after some parenting duties and secured an unclaimed Q; then went to bed knowing that Bouche’s monday at the WreckCenter was going to be a cracker!




MtnMan Poopers

Fellowship Run

Thang1 : Burpback Mtn (Flatland version)

Partner 1 – Bupees

Partner 2 – Run bkwds 100m, returns forward

Switch/Continue until combined 100 burpees completed

Thang2 : IronPax Loredo (partial = 4 Rounds)

  • 24 squats
  • 24 merkins
  • 24 lunges (R/L=1)
  • 400m run


Flutter Kicks

COT: Welcomed #Dunphy who is another graduate from OPRF ’95 … this group is growing and will be ready to EXPLODE shortly when these 42 y.o.’s reach the F3 median age (43).

It’s apparent that getting an FNG to post is a solid point-grabber for this final week of the Region’s current ‘Resume the Gloom (working title)’ competition. YHC’s team (your humble correspondent) is in 1st place due to a few flying EH’s and other team’s members not filling in points.

Anyways – In COT, YHC gave thanks for the men participating and mentioned my recent presentation on conflict avoidance. As the focus on my speech was work-related and geared towards 3rd party involvement + resolution, the truth is that many of our conflicts involve us on the roadway, at in-laws’ or on social-media … I challenged the pax to be careful going down those paths and to consider letting some things go. Sometimes ppl are just a**holes, but many times they come into the conflict w/ a good intention, but totally different perspective. Well, I think it was better said than written. /Kodak out!



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