Archives: Wreck Center – Oak Park (Mon) 6/1

Date: Monday June 01, 2020

Time: 06:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: kodak



6/01 Pre : Start the week/month out STRONG w/ a #Kodak Q BootCamp @F3Oakpark. 

YHC is planning on a grinder of a workout; dipped into the archives and found a nasty one. 

6:30-7:15a @ Ridgeland Wreck Center.



06/01 BootCamp

Conditions : Pleasant; Grey, 50’s

Pax : Bouche, Bronco, Chalmers, Cutter, Kodak (QIC), LED, RA



Mtn Man Poopers


Fellowship Jog

Thang : “Killer B’s” (IronPax Challenge 2019 Week1)

5 Rounds for Time

Broad Jump 10 yards

Burpees (10)

Bonnie Blairs (10) (Jumping Lunge)

BigBoy SitUps (10)

Broad Jump 10 yards

Burpees (10)

Bonnie Blairs (10)

BBSU (10)

Broad Jump 10 yards

Burpees (10)

Bonnie Blairs (10)

BBSU (10)

Bear-Crawl to the beginning (30 yards)

Cool Down:

No time for Mary, short mobility stretch instead.

COT : Be the voice of reason and calm in this time of opposing reporting and divided protest. BLM have lost their voice to opportunists and aggreessors, but when given the opportunity to speak out, we should be the ones to champion their call.

Moleskin : No one ‘enjoys’ a hard grinder of a workout during said workout, but I think these are perfect for Monday Mornings. Unfortunately, I finished in the back near the :45 min mark, so I was pretty gassed by the time I had an opportunity to say something … not entirely sure it was coherent, I later came across a similar thought from a pax’s post:

LittleFinger says : “There are people channeling their rightful anger to peaceful protest for change, there are people who are channeling that anger to destruction, and there are agitators who are trying to change the narrative. We can not allow this to let us forget that we need real change.”

Simple + thoughtful statement. Another reason why we are better off supporting each other. Kodak/Out.



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