Archives: Wreck Center – Oak Park (Mon) 5/25

Date: Monday May 25, 2020

Time: 05:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: kodak



9/25 PreBlast:

Special Day / Special Time:

Memorial workouts are important IMO because as hard as they are, it is a good reminder on which side of the dirt we are living on. So let’s honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice by going through something hard together and taking the opportunity to live LARGE for one hour. 

Nothing will motivate you to push through the suck more than thinking about the sacrifice made by the man this workout was named after.

0730 at Ridgeland Wreck Center. 


Conditions : Sunny and getting warm – mid-70’s

Pax : Bronco, Fley, HackeySack, Kodak(QIC), LED, Monsanto, RA, FNG “DrLove”

Memorial Day Murph

Modified due to lack of PU Bars – ‘Coupon Murph’ aka Log PT





Coupon Murph: (everything w/ 45# coupon)

1 mile

100 push press

200 lunge steps

300 (150 squats / 150 BBSU)

1 mile

COT : Gave thanks to the Men+Women who protect our freedom and keep us safe. Gave thanks for the Men who meet me in the morning and push me to get stronger in my fitness and fellowship.

Welcome FNG – DrLove!

Moleskin : F3 does not prescribe a specific religion, but does encourage men to seek and advance in their own beliefs. I hope you all don’t feel uncomfortable as I expressed mine, but I am very grateful for this group that helped get me through the dark days of the Spring months and SIPO conditions. Even separated, it has been encouraging to be able to get together. Kodak/Out.



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