Archives: Wreck Center – Oak Park (Fri) 6/19

Date: Friday June 19, 2020

Time: 05:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: monsanto



Join us for F3 Friday Run Club! Monsanto on the VQ

It’s not too late for an end-of-school Relay Race Day, is it?



6/19 Run Club

Conditions – Upper 60s, sunny but not too warm

Pax – Bouche, Bronco, Copa, Cutter, Dunphy, Footloose, HoJo, Hot Lips, Kodak, LED, Monsanto (VQIC), RA, Sherriff

13 strong showed up for an end-of-school-style relay workout and for YHC’s VQ.



Hammie bounces


Fellowship Run

Thang1: 2 Steps Fwd, 2 Steps Back

Partner 1 – Run forward

Partner 2 – Run bkwds

Continue every block for 1 mile and switch. Karaoke on the 2 east-west blocks

Thang2: Relay Race #1

Partners run in opposite directions around soccer field; first team back to start wins

Two races (were there really any winners? Certainly no losers)

Thang3: Relay Race #2

Teams of 4, each racing half the field doing:

–      Single-leg hops

–      Double-leg hops

–      Triple jump (skip)


Bird Dogs

Dead Bird Dogs (?)


Flutter Kicks

CoT: YHC struggled with the Count-o-Rama after running out of fingers.

Social distancing was observed despite the group size.

Announcements—F3 Evanston is launching a new AO on 6/26 at James Park, 6-7am, then coffeeteria. LadyBug on the Q—tell your friends and ask him any questions.

—Service Day: 6/27 at 10-noon at Breakthrough Urban Ministries (exterior site cleanup)

—‘Every-Day’s-an-Arm-Day’ Cutter is leading a Merkin-Mania beatdown on 7/11. Get your reps in!!

WoW—Today is Juneteenth, a celebration of freedom and the end of slavery. But racism and racial inequality abound. We know what’s right. But we need courage to call out and denounce racism all around us and even within us. Ending racism means changing hearts, which calls for anti-racism. Not being racist isn’t enough. Racial inequality is a long game that those of us with privilege need to identify and correct. This is a team effort—one that won’t easily be solved—that calls for many leaders to act with conscience. /Monsanto out!



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