Archives: Wreck Center – Oak Park 9/30

Date: Wednesday September 30, 2020

Time: 06:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: dhickey75

Cowboy Mouth


7 of diamonds!

 For the first round, do 7 reps of an exercise (burpees) at each of the 4 corners with a mosey (or sprint) in between corners. Each round, increase by 7 reps with a different exercise each round, for a total of 4 rounds. Round 2, 14 four count flutter kicks at each of the 4 corners. Round 3, 21 merkins at each of the 4 corners. Round 4, 28 squats at each of the 4 corners. If time allows, continue for a total of 7 rounds, decreasing the reps by 7 for each of the last 3 rounds with exercises of the Q’s choice. We will do some rounds on your own, then wait for the six each round; and some rounds we do as a group. 


BackBlast recap:

Weather: Cool – 48 degrees

Pax: Cutter, Footloose, Alliance, HoJo, FVI, Cowboy Mouth, Chalmers, FNG (Macbeth), Malort, Rossi

Warmup in cadence

Sidestraddle hops

Arm circles

Mountain climbers

Cherry pickers

Main exercise: 7 of diamonds / 50 yard sprints

No announcements

COT / Closing thoughts: be mindful of situations, family and colleagues as you go through the day. Too often we’re on cruise control and don’t think of our actions and reactions to people closest to us



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