Archives: Wreck Center – Oak Park 11/26

Date: Thursday November 26, 2020

Time: 06:00

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: Linus




Can’t make it to RA’s Q tomorrow or feelin’ extra froggy? Come hang out with me for a little bit. No biggie. We’ll do a little light work, and get you prepped for a proper Q with RA.


Start: 0600

Stop: 0645 (modified at Step 7 due to time)

Weather: 42 and cloudy

Warm Up: Side straddle hops, Abe Vigodas, side shuffles, back pedals, walking knee-to-chest


  1. 400M run around soccer pitch
  2. 50 push-ups
  3. Forward bear crawl to midfield for 50 sit-ups
  4. Forward bear crawl to end of soccer pitch for 50 jump squats
  5. Backward bear crawl to midfield; 50 sit-ups
  6. Lateral bear crawl to sideline for 50 plank knee-to-elbow (single count)
  7. Lateral bear crawl to midfield; *50 sit-ups
  8. Lateral bear crawl to opposite sideline for 50 pike push-ups
  9. Lateral bear crawl to midfield; 50 sit-ups
  10. Backward bear crawl to starting end of soccer pitch
  11. 400M run around soccer pitch

*Beatdown modified for time constraints to crunches instead of sit-ups and bear crawl along with actual crawling for constant movement

Announcement: None

Closing comments: When I have wronged/offended someone, I have found it beneficial to look at the situation and identify any defects of character which were activated in me which may have caused the strife. Once I’ve identified that, I have found it helpful to bring that to the offended, apologized as quickly as possible for my response, own my character defect and my part of the offense with them, and ask for their forgiveness.